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Denmark Public Holidays

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National holidays are regulated by the Holiday Consolidation Act 407 of 28 May 2004. This Act replaces all previous Holiday Acts and amendments. This Act establishes the actual national holidays that are celebrated and provides the government with the authority to declare one-time national holidays if necessary.

The Holiday Act also establishes that any holiday that occurs on a weekend date must remain on that date. Holiday celebrations are not moved to the next working day.

The Labour Laws of Denmark state that all employees are entitled to receive pay for national holidays. However, holidays that occur on typical non-working dates are not viewed as paid national holidays. Employment contracts may make it a requirement to pay for each holiday, regardless of when these holidays occur.

A majority of the holidays celebrated in Denmark are based on the Christian faith. Some of these holidays occur on different dates each year because their celebrations are calculated using the lunar cycle. Employers are required to acknowledge these holidays regardless of the date they occur. The government of Denmark releases the dates for all national holidays at the end of each year for the upcoming year.

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