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Prayer Day

Prayer Day 2018 and 2019

Prayer Day in Denmark falls on the fourth Friday after Easter meaning that the date varies each year but it is always in April or May.

201827 AprFriPrayer Day
201917 MayFriPrayer Day
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The holiday is also known as General Prayer Day or Great Prayer Day. This day has been a national holiday since the seventeenth century when it was declared by King Christian V. It is a day when many of the minor church feasts, or holy days, are combined into one single day.

Denmark’s public holidays are largely centred on Easter and Christmas. There are a lot of saints’ days and holy days meaning there would be too many holidays if each holy day were also a day off work. This holiday creates a very special, combined holy day and long weekend a month after the long Easter holiday.

It is traditional for hot wheat buns to be eaten on this day, particularly in Copenhagen. Often on this day, people walk around the harbour area known as Langelinie on the evening before Prayer Day when the church bells are ringing.